Eight-Month Update
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Page updated 25-Dec-2008


Sorry for not keeping the blog up to date. A lot has happened in the past eight months but I haven't had the time and/or energy to write about it. The biggest was falling in love for the first time. An East End London skinhead boxer ex-army dude from the 70s skin scene, and a tattoo artist. Dave was my mentor in many ways, and my combination of hardness and softness touched him emotionally. Then after telling me "If you reject me I'll be devastated", Dave abandoned me. Took a trip that stretched from days to weeks to three months, turned off his phone, fell off the Internet, and didn't even bother telling me why. Suddenly this month he appeared online and I phoned him, and he just said "I can't talk" and hung up. WTF? I suspect it's his internal homophobia, knowing he needs a man but not allowing himself to get close to one.

Then against all odds, I was lucky enough to meet a similar guy. Another East End London skinhead boxer ex-army dude. His name is Mosh, an electrician, from the 80s skin scene. But I wasn't going to fall in love so quickly again, and he has a bf and works too much to keep in regular contact. So we remain friends with common interests and not enough time.

Why is everyone so busy these days? Besides my best friend Bob, hardly anybody can manage to be in contact more than a few times a month. In that case it's not really interacting but just throwing messages at each other: there's no back-and-forth or continuity.

Work is going well. I've made a few Quixote web applications and am now trying my hand at Pylons. I just got back from a great Python programming conference that was a blast. I started an article about it but haven't finished. it.

An MMA school opened up near my house, Ivan Salaverry's. I went for a couple months of submission wrestling and boxing. But right now I'm concentrating on losing fat and getting into better cardio shape. I found the book You On a Diet to be excellent; it explains the latest medical research in layman's terms.

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