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[Note: this was originally posted to MySpace.]

Trying out this blog thing. Never heard of MySpace before but joined a week ago at the invitation of James & Michaels (formerly Nick Name). I can't believe the number of people here, 82 million? Found some local people, old skin mates, bands and record labels I know, Ultimate Fighter guys, soldiers fresh from Iraq, others I never thought I'd have the chance to meet. I've been on a few similar sites but nothing like this. Thanks to everybody who sent a message saying hi; I don't know how you found me in this maze but it's cool.

Restarted my BJJ class today. (That's Brazilian jiu-jitsu.) Gonna spend a solid month or two on it and tone up my skills for the summer wrestling season. Attended a submission grappling tournament in Bellingham over the weekend (, realized I'd be ready to compete in late summer or fall if I start preparing now. Dunno if this tournament will be repeated (it was their first one -- they usually do pankration/kickboxing spectacles), but I figure something will turn up.

Gotta work more on abs -- that's the part that got tired in class, and then when my chest is pressed I can't breathe. 'Course in a real match you'd move a bit to give yourself a bit of space, but still I don't want to be limited by that. Got a friend in Belgium who does 350 ab reps three times a week. I'm determined to match that -- by June!

If you haven't read Natural Capitalism (entire text online), that's my most-recommended book. It shows how waste is really unproductive assets: money down the drain. You gotta pay to get rid of it, it pollutes the environment, etc. By building a strategy around minimizing waste, a person or company can help the environment, lower costs, create new saleable products, and raise the bottom line -- all simultaneously. This is the kind of creativity we need in this society.

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