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Does anybody know if any of these films are good? They're on the schedule at the Seattle International Film Festival. The ones I'm most planning to see are in bold. I don't have talkbacks here yet but if you email me comments I'll add them to this page. The director is listed after each title.


The Aerial (Estaban Sapir)
A fascist media regime keeps the population silent. (Apparently an actual silent film.)


Life in Loops (a Megacities RMX) (Novotny)
Abstract images of New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Bombay, and Mexico City.


Vinicius (Miguel Faria Jr)
Biography of Vinicius de Moraes, the father of bossa nova and the writer of "The Girl from Ipanema".


Congorama (P Falardeau)
A Belgian inventor goes to Quebec to find his real parents, runs into a woman with a weird hybrid car.

Manufactured Landscapes (Baichwal)
Photographer Edward Burtynsky takes stills of Asia's industrial landscape.

The Point (Joshua Dorsey)
40 teenagers in a multiethnic inner-city neighborhood of Montreal collaborate on a gritty drama of their lives.


The Yacoubian Building (Marwan Hamed)
A once-elegant, now shabby Cairo high-rise is the backdrop for an exploration of socially taboo subjects.


Frozen City (Louhimies)
A cabbie moves to the suburbs to begin a new life, but his neighbors bring new problems.


Journey Home: a Story from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (Pigniczky)
Two American sisters return to Hungary to learn what their father did during the Hungarian revolution of 1956.


Children (Ragnar Bragason)
A woman fights for custody of her daughters, her son battles bullies at school, and his hoodlum father suddenly wants to patch things up.


It's Winter (Rafi Pitts)
An seamstress abandoned by her husband meets a mechanic.

Season Five (Rafi Pitts)
Two feuding families (the Jamalvandis and the Kamalvandis) try to reconcile through marriage, but the bride and groom don't hit it off and instead set up rival bus companies.


Once (Carney)
A Dublin street musician and a Czech immigrant try to record an album.

Small Engine Repair (Niall Heery)
A downtrodden Irish dreamer tries to make it as a country singer.


The Missing Star (Amelio)
An Italian machinist with a young female guide travels through China's new industrial landscape.

Salty Air (Angelini)
A prison social worker discovers one of the prisoners is his father, who abandoned him.


The Bubble (Eytan Fox)
A chic Israeli boy falls in love with a Palestinian boy.


Paprika (Satoshi Kon)
Anime about a doctor who can get into her patient's dreams. Only she and her dream avatar Paprika can save Tokyo from an apocolyptic dissolution of dreams and reality.


Northern Light (Lammers)
A boxing school owner and his sensitive troubled son.


The Bothersome Man (Jens Lien)
An Orwellian story about a man granted a new life where everything runs efficiently and painlessly. He longs for something forbidden.


Alive (Alexander Veledinskiy)
An ex-army sniper talks to his wisecracking unit buddies about a crippling encounter.

Free Floating (Khlebnikov)
A recent high-school grad tries hard to find a job, drinks with his buddies, and courts a chick.

It Doesn't Hurt (Balabanov)
Three young entrepreners renovate St Petersburg apartments, and meet a girl who introduces them to rich clientele and has a secret she's reluctant to share.


Doghead (Amodeo)
A young man with a rare brain condition that makes him easily disoriented, moves to the city.


Falkenberg Farewell (Ganslandt)
Five twentysomething buddies try to find their place in the world.


Stealth (Lionel Baier)
Lionel and his sister discover their family may be Polish and travel east.

Vitus (Fredi M Murer)
A 12yo boy is tired of taking piano lessons and rebels. But what if piano playing is his true nature?

United Kingdom

This is England (Shane Meadows)
A skinhead gang in Britian in 1983. Based on director Shane Meadows' own life.

Cashback (Sean Ellis)
An art student dumped by his girlfriend develops insomnia and the ability to stop time, meets oddball characters while working late-night at the supermarket.

In the Shadow of the Moon (Sington)
Documentary about the Apollo missions.

Joe Strummer: the Future is Unwritten (Julien Temple)
Documentary about the frontman of The Clash.

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (Fiennes)
Philosopher/psychoanalyst/film buff Slavoj Zizek deconstructs movie clips from "Vertigo" to "The Matrix".

Son of Rambow (Garth Jennings)
Two boys see "Rambo: First Blood" and decide to film a prequel.


Arctic Tale (Adam Ravtech and Sarah Robertson)
A walrus and a polar bear grow up. From the producers of "March of the Penguins".

Big Rig (Doug Pray)
Long-distance truckers talk about their lives.

Black Irish (Brad Gann)
A South Boston kid tries to save his disintegrating family.

The Devil Came on Horseback (Sundberg, Stern)
An ex-Marine captain takes photos of the Darfur genocide, tries to get the US government to do something about it.

Orange Revolution (Steve York)
Documentary about the 2004 Ukranian elections.

Outing Riley (Pete Jones)
Riley comes out to his three brothers, one of whom is a priest, another married but porn-surfing, and the third closeted.

Outsorced (Jeffcoat)
A Seattle call-center operator goes to India to train his replacement when his department is outsourced. Watch out for that girl.

Rocket Science (Jeffrey Blitz)
A stutterer tries to make it on the high-school debate team.

Slipstream (Anthony Hopkins)
Why does this title sound so familiar? An aging screenwriter's fictional universe begins to invade his reality.

War/Dance (Sean Fine, Andrea Nix Fine)
Amidst the Uganda civil war, children in a refugee camp practice their piece for a national music festical.

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