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Page updated 20-Aug-2006


Get a load of this. Some cunt from Kennewick (a small town 200 miles east of Seattle) named Theron decided to insult my firend Pirce.

From Theron to Pierce
ur a faggot!!! go eat another cack!!!! and go on a date and fuck ur boyfriend!!! and get AIDS!!!!! fag!!!!
nigger lover!!!!

From Pierce to Theron
haha glad to see our school system is doing well in it's job of educating the younger. I will do all of the above cuz you said so. It'll be great.
btw i don't have a boyfriend. lol.
btw2, you spelled cock wrong. ;)

From Theron to Pierce
looks like ur on top of things!!!! fag!!!!!!!

So I intervened...

From Sluggo to Theron
Yo, I heard what you said to Pierce. You lookin to get your ass kicked? We're not all limp- wristed wussy buttfuckers, y'know. I don't agree with everything Pierce does but he's a good loyal guy. Dunno if you even have that, but I don't know you so I'll reserve judgement.

The "nigger lover" comment was laughable. Are you really white power enough to put your money where your mouth is? Or are you just some kid with a mouth too big for his head?

You're kind of cute with your tough expression, buddy. Yeah I know, "Fuck you, faggot!" The point is, what are you going to do about it? Just shoot your mouth off, I bet. Just take it as a compliment, dude. Bye.

From Theron to Sluggo
dude im tha 900lb club and i lift 6X my body weight!!! plus i did martial arts for 3 years and i box!!! ive never lost a fight and never been nocked out!!!! and i run 6 miles a day!!! i run like a 5 min mile and i have hella more stamina than u!!!!
more or less im not scared!!!

From Sluggo to Theron
Dude, I've done all that stuff enough to know you're talking bullshit. The only plausable parts are: you do martial arts and box, and you're not scared. Dunno what the "900 lb club" is, but assuming you mean you bench press six times your weight @ 900 lb (making you 150 lb), that means you lift and run better than the world record holder. Stop eating the magic mushrooms; they're contaminated with Hanford groundwater. I don't care what shit you say as long as you get shit for insulting fags. Does your girlfriend know you're a closet case? What kind of martial art do you do?

PS. You're immortalized in my blog.

[drawing] [drawing]

Sluggo is Mike Orr, a helluva friendly guy in Seattle. Email me if you have feedback.