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How to play

You have four black suits and four red suits, each with ranks: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A.

The game starts with several cards dealt randomly into four columns of 5 cards and six columns of 4 cards. This is the tableau. The remaining 60 cards form the stock for later play.

For each move, click a card to select it and all the cards below it. Then click a column to move them to. If you decide not to move them after all, click the same column to deselect them.

When you reach a complete suit of K to A in the same color, it will automatically be removed from the tableau and you'll get 13 points at the top. When you reach 105 points (all eight suits), you win.

When you run out of desired moves, press "Draw" to deal a random row of cards from the stock to the columns.

In Spider the cards you move should be in descending order, one rank lower than the bottom of the destination column. For instance, you can move 4-3-2 to 5, or to an empty column. And you shouldn't have any empty columns when pressing "Draw". The current implementation doesn't enforce these restrictions. So you can undo a move by doing the opposite move.

To start a new game, press "New Game" or reload the page.

About Spysol

Spysol was created by Mike Orr, who plays it most nights. It's written in modern vanilla Javascript. The only library is random-seedable by Chris Akroyd to shuffle the cards.

The name "Spysol" is a portmanteau of Spider, Python, and Spy. I was originally going to write it in Python, although this version isn't.