Sluggo's Python Stuff
Page updated 11-Sep-2007
My packages
  • SAContext: an organizer for SQLAlchemy engines, metadatas, and sessions, with optional Pylons support.
  • Smorgasbord: a universal front-end for Python template engines, based on Buffet
  • Unipath: object-oriented pathname calculations and filesystem calls, an alternative to os/os.path/shutil
Comparative Databases Demo
A parallel demonstration of SQLAlchemy and the object database Durus.
Pylons tutorials
WSGI Explorations with Python
An article discussing WSGI, Quixote, and Paste. This will be published in Linux Gazette in June.
A web interface to my Subversion repository. See the README.
  • A CGI script that forwards a request to an SCGI server.
  • A SQL generator. A middle ground between DB-API and object-relational mappers.
    Test suites:
  • A workaround for the mod_scgi Refresh bug in Quixote's StaticFile. Includes a StaticDirectory class.
  • A WSGI interface for Quixote (QWIP) and a threaded Publisher. Proposed for quixote.servers.wsgi_server.
A demo showing several Quixote 2.x features. Unchanged since 10-Dec-2004. The next version will be split into several smaller demos and show a bunch of new features.
Gentle Annotations for the Twisted Finger tutorial
Some notes that can help explain the Twisted Finger tutorial. These have been accepted for the tutorial but not yet incorporated into it.

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