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Page updated 20-Aug-2007

SAContext is an organizer for SQLAlchemy applications with optional Pylons support. It bundles up your database engines, metadatas, and SessionContext in one convenient object. It's more convenient and correct than the pylons.database module in Pylons 0.9.5. See the docstrings in the source code for usage.

SAContext is DEPRECATED and in BUGFIX-ONLY MODE. See SQLAlchemy 0.4 for people in a hurry for the recommended way to use SQLAlchemy 0.4 in Pylons.

15-Aug-2007: released SAContext 0.3.5
This version is compatible with SQLAlchemy 0.4.x, 0.3.x, and Pylons 0.9.6 (including rc1).

To run the test suite, download both modules into the same directory and run "python --help" for usage instructions.

The Pylons demo application (SAC_Demo) is no longer maintained and has been removed.

Please send feedback or suggestions to --Mike

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