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Page updated 16-Jul-2006


I got stood up by two people in one day. Usually I just put it to "People are flakes; that's life." Especially people visiting town who say they want to wrestle but they day comes and they never call. It's gotten to the point that I make contingency plans anyway and assume they won't call, but I carry my phone around just in case. This is getting to me; I'm tired of being jerked around.

The thing is, I wouldn't treat them like that. I would set a specific time and place right away, and not leave them waiting and wondering when. I'd follow up to confirm I'd be there, and then I'd be there. I take my friends seriously: I make time for them and I don't let things interfere with prearranged meetings. If something comes up, I call them. I just wish more people were like this.

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