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Rockin' Rudy's

I told Pete (Stokstad) I was sure I wouldn't be able to find any ska in Missoula. He said, "You will at Rockin Rudy's." (He didn't know what ska was. I said, "No I won't." He said, "Yes, you will."

Well, he was right. The Cherry Poppin' Daddies bumper sticker on the door inspires confidence. Inside there's an extensive ska collection, used and new, with the used ones at amazing prices (I got 10 CDs for $60). Best of all, they have boxes full of stuff behind the counter they'll pull out for you to listen to if you ask.

The Skoidats are/were a local legend around here. They came to play on New Year's Eve. I came to see it, since I missed the Seattle show, and because it gave me an excuse to see my friends the Lambros/Stokstads that I hadn't seen in several years. It turned out to be lucky I went, since not only did the band put on a good show, but they broke up a few months later, so I may never get to see them again.

Missoula, MT, USA -- January 1999

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