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A signed "Life in Hell" cartoon by Matt Groening in Escape From New York Pizza on 18th & Castro. (It has good pizza too.) Here's a double-size version if you want to read it better, or be lazy and just read the text:
  1. JEFF: Hey, Akbar -- what say we mosey across the street for a li'l ice-cream cone?
  2. AKBAR: But Jeff -- what about our diets?
    JEFF: You're right. I'm so ashamed.
  3. JEFF: I don't really want an ice-cream cone. What do I want?
  4. JEFF: I want my life to have meaning. I want an end to suffering in the world.
  5. JEFF: I want to accomplish great things. I want to be rich and famous.
  6. JEFF: I want to stay young. I want to see my dead friends and family again. I want to live forever.
  7. JEFF: I want to be happy. I want my parents' approval. I want you to know how much I love you and I'm sorry I never had the nerve to tell you before.
  8. [Akbar and Jeff look at each other.]
  9. [Akbar in Jeff eat ice-cream cones. The author writes in red pen, "To everyone at Escape From NY Pizza -- best wishes, good luck (?), and extra cheese! Your pal, Matt Groenig."]

San Francisco, CA -- May 25, 2003

Copyright © 1999-2004 by Mike (Sluggo) Orr
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