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1995 Russia -- Sankt-Peterburg

by Mike (Sluggo) Orr

Second part of my Russia trip.

Select any of the photos below, or click on the first one for a slide show.

Moskovskiy vokzal

Peter the Great

Double birthday party

Slava and me

Dima and me


Yeltsin propaganda

Beautiful church #1

Beautiful church #2

Satire theater

Petrogradskaya Storona

The Moscow Gates

Kolya's door

Slava and Kolya

Kolya's living room

Slava, Kolya's sister and me

Kolya's kitchen again

Idle in the park #1

Gun shop


Doggy poster

Free Fall

Park Pobedi

Idle in the park #2

Armenian restaurant

Music kiosk

Satellite art

Piskaryovskoe cemetary #1

Piskaryovskoe cemetary #2

Punk #1

Punk #2

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